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Howl’s Moving Castle by Hideo Miyazaki Bettie Sophie, I just closed the shop. I thought you were coming? I have to finish this.

I hope you enjoy.

OK, I’m off. Let’s go girls. Wait up! Isn’t anything wrong with my dress, is it? it out! Howl’s castle is there. Yeah?

The castle?

Oh, my. . .


It’s over there!


So close!

I wonder if Howl is in town.

Oh, it’s gone! It just hidden in the mist. ships just passed in front of the window?

Didn’t you see those battle

Have you heard of a girl, Martha, lives in South town? by Howl. I’m scared. . .

Don’t worry.

Come on, girls!

Hurry up!

He won´t go after yours.

How do you know that? Hey, you, little mouse. No, sir.

Are you looking for something?


Then, how about having a cup of tea with us? No thanks.

I’m in a hurry

She is really a little mouse! Yes.



how old are you?

You live in this town?

Please let me go! You scared her, it´s because of your mustache mate. She is cute especially when she gets angry. There you are. I was looking for you! . Who the hell are you?

I’m her buddy

By the way, why don’t you go for a walk for a while

Her heart was stolen


What’s going on?

My body is automatically. . .

They didn’t mean to hurt you. Please forgive them. Where are you going, Miss? No, thanks.

Let me escort you for a while.

I just go to a shop to see some designs.

Behave naturally.

I’m being chased by someone.

Let’s walk. Sorry, I didn’t mean to get you involved. Here! Relax.

Keep walking.

There you go.

Don’t be afraid

Very well. I’ll be a decoy.

You better wait for a while before you go.


Good girl. Here, you are. you, Bettie.

Thank you, sir.

I wish I could buy a chocolate as sweet as

My sister? We expect you to come back soon, Bettie. Sissy! Are you OK? something? Uh,I. . .

I heard you sprinkled over the terrace.

You became an angel or

,it’s like I’m dreaming.

Bettie, why don’t you guys talk in the office? Thank you.

But I’m still working.


Isn’t he a wizard or something, is he?

He was very gentle. And he saved me. So you had your heart stolen, haven’t you? If that wizar had been Howl, your heart would have been eaten.

It wasn’t him.

I heard his targets are beautiful girls.

You must be more careful. Listen. It’s getting dangerous out there. say recently even "Witch in the Waste Land" is out there. Sissy!



Bettie, Madeline is ready. OK, wait a sec. I’m off.


Now I feel better and relaxed after seeing your bright face

Hi, Bettie.

How are you?

I’m fine.

Sophie, are you serious you’re gonna continue to work in the shop for the rest of your life? I saw dad loved the shop.

And I’m his first daughter.

So. . .

I’m asking if you really want to take over the shop because you like to make hats. Uh, I. . . I’m off.

See you, Bettie.

You come by the shop sometime.



You must decide what YOU really wanna be!

Uh, Madam, the shop is closed. already.

I’m sorry.

How miserable this shop looks like. This shop suits a girl like you

I thought I’d locked the door

You sell such cheap hats, don’t you?

There’s nothing special in this ordinary downtown hat shop Would you please come tomorrow, Madam? You have guts.

I wonder if you know me, "Witch in the Waste Land".


"Witch in the Waste Land"? This curse can’t be dispelled by a human. Is it. . .

,me. . .

Calm down.



Oh, my God. . .

There’s nothing to be worried. I’m home!

Say hello to Howl.

Ok, Sophie.


Welcome back, ma’am.

What do you think about my dress? Kingsberry. Fantastic!

This fashion is very popular in

It suits you very well, ma’am. This is gonna be definitely accepted in this town as well. Don’t you think?



Ma’am, Lady Sophie hasn’t come yet today. That’s weird. Really !


Don’t. You don’t wanna open the door. be infected, do you?

I caught a bad cold.

You’ve got horrible voice, haven’t you? speaking.

It’s like

You don’t wanna

-year-old grandma is

So, I decided to stay in my room today Ok.

If you say so. . .

I’ll see you later

What the hell. . . You’ll be OK, Sophie. before, by the way.

Your cloths suit you better than

I can’t stay here any longer. Ouch!

I don’t want backache yet at my age.

Grandma, let me help. I can handle it.

Thank you for your kindness.

I don’t mind to give you a ride, grandma. a bit further from your destination.

But, where are you goingI’m going

Granny, I think you’re going to the wrong place, where only witches are wondering around. I appreciate your advice Is she going to Naquie Valley at this time? with her youngest sister.

She told me that she is meeting

It seems I still have long way to go. Thank goodness.

Fortunately, my teeth are as well as before.

That is best suitable as a cane, isn’t it? Well, then. . . Ouch.


I hope it’s not too chunky.

My waist kills me. . .

I will never give up! A Scarecrow. . . Wait a sec. . .

How stiff is it!

Come on!

,isn’t it?

I thought you were one of her goons

Why can you stand by your self?

Your head is made of turnip, isn’t it? I hate turnip ever since I was a small kid.

You look better to stand up straight, don’t you?

Work hard.

It’s cold. I haven’t reached so far yet, have I? still close. Don’t follow me!

Besides, the town looks

I don’t expect you to repay my favor.

I’m fed up with witch and curse stuff! You are controlled by magic or something, aren’t you? Stay there. For me?

Don’t follow me!

This is perfect!

Thank you, sweet scarecrow.

You can’t bring a small house to stay tonight, can you? I enjoy pearls of wisdom thanks to aging. What a huge battle ship I wonder where this smell is coming from. . . It would be wonderful if there was a lodge or something. Hello, again, turnip head.

But isn’t that Howl’s castle?

Yes, I asked you to bring a house, but this is. . . What the hell is this?

Is it. . .

a castle?

Is that the entrance? Why don’t you slow down a bit! Hey!

Fidgety castle!

My scarf. . .

You let me in or not?

Make up your mind!


It seems warm inside the castle anyway, I’ll say thank you, turnip head. I hope Howl doesn’t eat such an old woman’s heart. Good bye, turnip head.

You are a good turnip.

Good luck! What’s going on?

It’s like I’m in an old house.

Good thing about getting old is not to be surprised often. Sophisticated curse you’ve got, haven’t you? It’s gonna be really hard to dispel it. Fire,. . .

is talking.

And you can’t tell it to other people. You are. . . No.


I’m an evil spirit, Calucifer

Then, Calucifer.

Can you dispel the curse on me?

Yeah. That’s pretty easy. let me be free.

I’ll dispel the curse on you right away, if you

That means I make a deal with an evil, doesn’t it? keep such a promise like this? You see, I’m an evil.

Are you sure that you can

I never keep promises.

Find someone else, then. Are you gonna abandon such a pity evil like me with no mercy? bound by Howl’s magic. So I have no freedom. castle. See? Is that so. . .

I’ve been

Look at this castle, I am the one who is running this

, what a pity evil.

If you found out and spelled out the secret behind Howl and me, my curse would be dispelled. If you will do it for me, I’ll dispel your curse, too. Ok, then.


Deal is made.

Hey, are you listening, granny? Oh,no. . . Wow!

I’m nervous.

Who is this?

"Harbor town", it is.

I wonder when she came in. Well, well.

There, you are, town mayor

Sun is already high in the sky. My master is away.

Is Master Jenkins home?

I’ll pass your message to him, if you don’t mind.

It’s an invitation letter from His Majesty.

War is about to begin.

He orders wizards, magicians and even witches to join the war Denial is not accepted. I hate war Who are you?

See you, then.

Calucifer let me in. I didn’t.

We came from "Waste Land"

From "Waste Land"?

That’s bizarre

Aren’t you a witch, are you? Witches can’t come in. It "Harbor town",

You know that?

is again.

Is someone out there? I’m coming. What can I do for you, little miss? I got a message from my mom, sir. The same spell as the previous one, isn’t it?

Yes, sir.

You have to be quiet, OK! Oh, my. . . Granny? Witch?

It’s not "Waste Land" here. . .

Are you also a witch? Yes, I am.

I’m the most fearful witch in this country.

If you spread out this powder, good wind will treat your ship. She really works hard for her mother. You shouldn’t scare such a little girl like that. You should stop that disguise like that Disguise?

This is magic!

Kings berry’s door! I’m coming. Is this wizard Pen dragon’s house? Right. I got an invitation letter from His Majesty for him. Please tell him to come to the palace. I will definitely. I feel as if I’m in a kingdom.


Come in.

Or you´ll lose your nose.

Please, stop bothering me. Stop messing around!

Don’t make me mad.

This is a magic house, isn’t it? Are you listening? knows.

Where does this black mark lead to?

Master Howl only

I’ll have my breakfast. You’ve got bacon and egg! Master Howl only can control that evil fire. I can handle it. Impossible.

Calucifer only listens to Master Howl’s order.

He’s right.

I hate cooking.

Oh, my. . .

My hat is here.

Now Calucifer. No way!

I’m counting on you.

I’m an evil.

I won’t help anyone.

Are you sure? I can spill water over you, or I can have a little talk with Howl about our deal. All right! I’ll do it! the castle. . .

I shouldn’t have let such an evil granny like you in

What’s your answer, little evil? That’s it.

You understand very well.

I’ll give you burnt bacon! She controls Calucifer. . . Next, I want a cup of tea.

Do you have a teapot?


Welcome back, Master Howl, You got a letter from the king Also Jenkins and Pen dragon did. Calucifer, you are a good boy today, aren’t you? She bullied me! Not many people can do this Who are you?

What happened to you?

My name is Sophie.

I’m the new cleaning lady.

Give it to me. Can you pass me another slice of bacon and six eggs? Who decided you to be the cleaning lady? I decided by myself.

I’ve never seen such a dirty house in my life.

Marker give me a dish! Everybody bullies me! Come on join us, Mrs.


You can sit here. Choose one of them. Don’t worry.

They are all clean.

Here you are, Marker.

Thank you, master.

This is for you, Mrs.


Everyone, let’s start breakfast.

Tha. . .

thank you.

Thank you, Sophie.

Thank you, Sophie.

It’s been a while since I had such a gorgeous breakfast. I seem to have lots of things to teach. By the way, what’s inside your pocket? What’s this?

I don’t remember. . .

It’s a magic spell!

Isn’t this. . .

Let me have a look. , Master Howl?

This is really an old magic and it’s powerful, too. Isn’t it the "Witch in Waste Land", is it, master? "He, the one who grasped a shooting star. . . heart is mine. "

,such a mindless man, your

It messed up the table. Unbelievable! It’s gone! there, I’m afraid.

You can’t see it anymore, but the curse is still

Everyone, you may continue breakfast. Calucifer, move the castle like another It’s delicious!


At the same time?

Send me a hot water to the bathroom You’re killing me!

Are you a follower of the "Witch in Waste Land"? UUUUuuuggghhhaaaaaaaaa! Don’t be a fool! That witch! Come on!



I am the one who, . . .

who,. . .

uh,. . .


I won’t forgive her!

Let’s finish it!

Bloody worms! Get out off my way! making fun of me!

Or I’ll kick you out!

I have something I want you to put spell on.

I’m busy now.

Everybody is Maybe later.

I’ve got a violent witch, trying to destroy everything in the house. Sophie! Help!

Are you listening, Sophie? Give me firewood, or I’ll disappear!

Wh. . .

, what are you doing?



I can’t hold it anymore!

Let me put away those ashes I’ll do it quickly. No!


Don’t worry.

You are killing me!

Please help me! P, Please!

I’m falling down!

Sophie! Help! Hurry! P, Please! Uuuuuaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! ! ! You almost killed my friend. Master Howl?

I, . . . Sophie!

I can’t hold it anymore. . . Help!


Be careful next time.

Where are you going?

Tell Sophie not to clean too much. Sophie, did you do something wrong? You nearly killed me! If I die, so does Howl! I’m a cleaning lady! No, Sophie!

My job is to clean everything!

You aren’t allowed to go up to the

nd floor!

If I were you, I would hide something important immediately You can clean my room later! Since I shouted, I feel I got my power back.

What a strange house. . . Fantastic!

Calucifer, Calucifer?

Are you really running this castle? I am!

So what?

Great, Calucifer! Really. . . Oops!


Your magic is really wonderful!


Not yet!

You do a great job!


Come on!

What a beautiful lake.


That is called "Star Ocean".

Something’s stuck in that hole. Oh, my. . .

Marker, give me a hand.

Come on.

Almost there. . .

A scarecrow! His name is "turnip head". Hey, you.

You really like to be upsidedown, don’t you?

I met many strange things, didn’t I?

He followed me.

Aren’t you really a witch? Yes, indeed.

I’m the tidiest witch in this country.

You´re pulling too much, turnip head! He seems to like laundries, doesn’t he? Thanks to him, they will dry faster. Maybe, turnip head is an evil too, because Calucifer doesn’t complain about anything. You may be right.

He might be the Death.

Whatever he is, I’m very happy

Because I couldn’t have come to such a wonderful place like this without him. Sophie, I put all the laundries into the castle. Ah, thank you. Strange. . . You, stink.

I think it’s time to go back to the castle. , I’ve never felt so relaxed like this before.

The smell is like an animal and burnt iron.

If you fly for too long, you’ll never be able to return to the normal shape Isn’t it great?

Sophie gave me these firewoods.

War started. . .

It was a sea of flame from southern ocean to northern boundary.

I hate fire that comes from gunpowder. I was attacked by someone similar in kind "Witch in Waste Land"? No. They weren’t any matche for me, but they had already turned into monsters Sooner or later, they will definitely regret themselves. They won’t be able to go back to human form. They are fine.

They’ve already forgotten how to regret.

Howl You’ve been called by the king, haven’t you? Yeah.

Would you send me a hot water to the bathroom?



Is it Howl?

I think he uses too much hot water.

I think Master Howl will never eat it. Good morning.

Good morning.

I love markets in the morning. Isn’t it beautiful? the same. Thank you.

Let’s see what happens.


I’ve never seen the sea before

It’s like there are diamonds in the water.

It’s always

I hate potato.

Come again. You pay.

They are all fresh just came out of the sea. I hate fish. Fleet is back!

T hey are back!

They seemed to have gotten You are kidding!


a serious damage.

I’ll be back soon, ma’am.

It’s going to sink! Hold on!

You’re nearly there!

Sophie, let’s go closer. I’m scared.

I’m not going.

Please. . .


That ship was the state-of-the-

art battleship.

I wonder what could beat it.

Marker, I see a "dark human". Huh. . .


Don’t look at him!

He is one of

"Witch in Waste Land’s " followers

I guess normal humans can’t see him. There!

Over there!

Look at it!

It dropped the bomb!

Sophie, look!

That’s an enemy’s battleship!

Sophie, stop!


You that isn´t him .

Don’t pick up our enemy’s fliers! Sophie, are you ok? I need a glass of water. aaahhhhhhhhh! ! ! ! bathroom, didn’t you? Look at this!

Sophie you touched something in the cabinet in the

It’s your fault!

I don’t want this hair color!

You have beautiful hair. Look more carefully! got messed up!

Sophie, because YOU rearranged stuff up there, my spell

I didn’t do such a thing.

I just cleaned the bathroom.

That’s why I told you not to clean everything too much! I’m ruined . . . What a humiliation. . . Your hair doesn’t look that bad. That color is not bad either. I’m hopeless.

I’m not handsome anymore. . .

Howl, calm down.


He summons a dark spirit. girl. OK, Howl.

I want to die.

He summoned it before, when he was refused by a

Nothing gets better by doing this.

You can change your hair color again, can’t you? you want! I’ve never been beautiful! I don’t wanna stay here anymore!

That’s enough.

Do whatever

Thank you, "turnip head". Come back, Sophie. Howl, stop it! Sophie!

You’re a kind scarecrow.

Master Howl is in trouble.

Or I’ll disappear!

Hurry up!

I have to clean that up after all, don’t I? He’ll be OK. your help.

Is he dead. . .

nobody died, because of being short-tempered.

? Marker, I need

I need lots of hot water. Come on.

You’ll be OK.

Thanks, Marker.

See you later.

I have to start it all over again Look.

I’m coming in.

I made hot milk. I’ll put it here.

It’ll make you warm You should drink it before it gets cold.

Please stay with me, Sophie . Do you want to drink milk? "Witch in Waste Land" is looking for this castle. Really?

I saw her follower at the harbor.

I’m actually a coward. These interiors are all amulets.

I’ve been scared every second.

Why on earth have you been targeted by "Witch in Waste Land"? She was totally evil-minded. I’m the one who had contact with her, because I found her interesting. And then, I ran away. And this time, I was summoned by the king. Also Jenkins and Pen dragon were. How many names do you have, Howl? Several names enough to live my life of freedom. . .

I see.

You have no choice but to obey the king’s order? Look!


I had to have a contract with the king when I entered the school of magic. So, Howl, why don’t you go and see the king, then? Say to him, "I don’t want to help you with this stupid war.


Sophie you can say it easily, because you don’t know what kind of people they are. He’s the king, isn’t he? That’s right!

He’s supposed to care about his people, isn’t he?

Sophie, you can go to see the king!

What do you mean?

You go as Pen dragon’s mom. And say, "My son is coward and useless.


If you say so, Madam Saliman might give up. Madam Saliman? After all your work to clean my cloths. Do you still wear that hat? I’m off.

See you guys later.

See you later. Good luck, Sophie.

It’ll protects you from "Witch in Waste Land".

You’re gonna be fine. Good luck!

I’m coming with you by transforming into something


I doubt if it’s gonna work. . . He’s supposed to protect me.

I hope that crow isn’t him.

I think Howl transformed into something identical. I hope he’s not that one. Still long way to go to get to the palace Howl, are you Howl? You are mean.

You didn’t need to become an OLD dog!

You don’t know how stressful and tiring it is to be an OLD lady. Hello, again.

Aren’t you the shop keeper of the hat shop?

Isn’t she "Witch in Waste Land"? Thank you for handing the letter to Howl. How is he doing? He was trembling in fear. way.

I’m working for him as a cleaning lady, by the

It’s good for you. But why do you need to go to the palace? I’m asking the government for job. lady. How about you?

I’m fed up with being Howl’s cleaning

What are you doing here?

I’m going to see the king. it finally seems that Saliman, that idiot, can’t do it without me anymore. I’m not interested in that topic. Unfortunately, no. Farewell.

But dispel this curse you put on me.

I can spell the curse on, but I can’t dispel it.

Ciao. Wait, you can’t go!


I would have gone up to her and hit her, if you hadn’t What’s going on?

been like that!

What happened to you guys?

Madam, magic is forbidden from here on . You can only walk. Is that you, Saliman? I’m catching up. Oh, my. . . Hey!


Do you want ME to go up stairs on foot?


You can ‘t stare at her like that. I hate this.

Why are you so heavy?

Why don’t you wait for me?

What do you want? I said I forgot.

Did you remember how to dispel my curse? I can’t dispel.

You’d better study hard! I don’t understand. . .

Why is she still that vital?

Let me have a small break.

Hey, you! You’d better give up today. the way to the top. Since. . . , I. . . years ago. . . , I had been. . .

, was. . .

It’s impossible for you to climb all

, waiting for

, kicked out. . .

, of the palace. . .


this chance. . .

Do whatever you want, then unfortunately I can’t be kind to you to take your hand. Come on, Howl. How cold-hearted are you! Come on!


Hello, Madam.

I’ll turn you into even OLDER women next time!

Quick, quick!

This way, please.

But, I think you should help that lady down there, first. We are not allowed to take anyone’s hand, I’m afraid, Madam. How cruel!

Didn’t the king summon us to the palace?

Hey, you!

Keep up!

You can do it!

You’re nearly there. Don’t you have more stamina? Shut up!


You look terribly and older in such a short period. Mrs.

Pen dragon, and "Witch in Waste Land"!

Are you OK? Mrs.

You wanted to come here, didn’t you?

Pen dragon, and "Witch in Waste Land"!

Pen dragon?

I’ve heard of that name before. . .

Of course you do. I doubt it!

This is the name of the hat shop I was working for.


Wait here please.


Howl, come over here! Come this way please, Madam. You are Howl’s mother? My name is Pen dragon, your highness.

You’re tired, aren’t you?

You may sit there.

Thank you. How do you do? Ah. . .

My name is Saliman, a royal sorcerer.

This dog?

, your highness?

That dog is. . .

His name is Hean, my lovely

I asked him to guide you all the way here. So, you want to say Howl is not coming, is he? Howl, my son, is such a coward and a incapable wizard. Your highness I don’t think he can help the king. I’m disappointed. . .


Howl was my last apprentice. . . He used to be incredibly talented. I even thought about giving him my position soon. I was so pleased of it. however his heart was stolen

by evil, and then he left right after. . .

He began to use magic for his own purpose. Howl’s mother.


He is too dangerous he’s got too much power, but he doesn’t have enough strength in is heart to control it. I’m afraid he’s going to be like "Witch in Waste Land" if you don’t do anything for him. Bring her here. Hey, you!

Are you OK?

She’s all right. She has


I brought her back to her real age.

no magic power anymore.

She also used to be very talented in magic. Since she made deals with evils gradually her body and soul had been eaten up. Now, the kingdom is not going to allow those back-alley wizards and witches to live unchecked.

I’m going to tell him how to end his deal with evils if you bring him here and he promises he’ll be devoted to the king. If he doesn’t come, I’ll take away all his power. Like that poor lady. Your highness, Now I see why Howl didn’t want to come here. Something’s wrong here. You let old ladies like us climb up such a long stair without any help, even though you summoned us. And you led us to a strange room like that.

It’s like a trap!

Howl has no heart? You are right in a way that he’s coward and selfish, and sometimes I can’t see what he’s thinking. But he is honest.

He just wants to live with freedom.

He’s not coming.

He’s not going to be evil. And he can handle his relationship by himself. I believe so. Howl’s mother, you are in love with him, aren’t you Howl, Howl’s coming? I want to eat his heart.

I want it!

You, why don’t you just give up?

Howl’s not coming!

Yes, he is. I found his weak point Your Majesty.

You should still stay in bed, Saliman

Do you feel better? I feel well today, Your Majesty. in the sky for a while. Good for you, Your Majesty. She is mother of the

I got bored with meetings, so I took a walk

Who are those ladies?

wizard Howl.

I’m glad to see you,I pretty appreciate Saliman’s effort, but I don’t think I will use magic in battle

In fact, enemy’s bombs never reach this palace because of Saliman’s magic power. Instead, they do it to surrounding towns, I’m afraid. That’s the way it is. Absolutely.

Don’t you think, Saliman?

You are very philosophical today, Your Majesty.

There you are, Saliman! Finally, we’re getting into the final battle! We must beat them completely in this Saliman, this time you made such a brilliant double. I’ll come back with good news! I’m looking forward to hearing it, Your Majesty. All generals are ready?


It’s been a while, Howl. I’m so glad to see you again, Master. I knew it was you. I didn’t break the promise. That’s because, I don’t want to fight against you, Master. I’m going home with my mother. I won’t let you go. Don’t look at the ground.

She is extremely powerful.

Show your mother your real identity! Howl, no! Hang on tight! Sophie, move to the front! After all, you brought everybody with you, didn’t you? doggy You are on Saliman’s side, aren’t you? I want you to get you off somewhere. Sophie, you drive.

You can’t fly, can you?

Are you kidding?

That’s insane!

They are catching up!


I’ll take care of them. OK? Are you serious?

Sophie, you keep flying to the castle in Waste Land,

I’ve never even driven a car!

Did you forget you are wearing the ring?

It will guide you to the castle.

Call Calucifer in your hand. Call Calucifer. . .


It worked. Head to the direction the light is pointing at. get there by the evening.

That’s it.

I suppose you’ll

I think I didn’t need to go to the palace, because you came after all! I did, because you were there, Sophie I couldn’t have been there if I had been without you. You saved me. It was really close I tell you. Don’t release the wheel suddenly! You drive very well.

No way!

Wow, you threw them away a bit. I’ll make them blind for five seconds, so that you can go further. Howl! No, thanks. Thanks.

It was really an exciting moment.

Howl believes he escaped successfully, but he didn’t. He has

a very young mother, doesn’t he by the way?

Don’t expect me to be friendly with you. Besides, I still don’t trust you. The castle is there!

You know that?

It’s welcoming us!

Over here, Sophie! Marker!

I have a little problem.

Where is the brake!


Sophie! Doggy!


I’m successfully home, Marker! Are you OK, Sophie? I’m was very worried about you! Thank you for catching us. That’s no good! Was it Howl?

You did too much!

Did he come back?

Howl! Howl !

Are you OK, Howl?

You got injured, didn’t you does it. Don’t. . .



, come. . .

I came to help you!

I want to set you free from the curse put on you!

You should dispel your own curse first. monster like me?

And why do you try to do this for

Because I’m in love with you! It’s too late! Howl Howl did come back, didn’t he? Sophie, I want to set the curse between Howl and me free. know the secret between us yet?

Don’t you still

Our time is ticking to the end. . . Howl is turning into a demon, isn’t he? Is that right? I can’t tell you the truth! Listen, Calucifer. for him.


Because I’m an evil.

You know that!

Saliman told me Howl gave you something very important

What and where is it? I can’t speak about the secret of the contract. Or I’ll give you water.

Didn’t you hear?

If I die, Howl dies too.

Good morning, "turnip head". All right, Sophie! OK!

Are you allright.

Come on!

Calucifer, open the mouse bigger!

Hang on tight! Why. . .



, GO!

Let’s get it through!

, don’t. . .

, you MOVE!



It’s a bunch of bits and pieces inside the castle. the outside. Everyone!

Come on!

I can’t imagine it from

It’s time for lunch!

Here’s your porridge, granny. Sophie, she’s "Witch in Waste Land".

Why do you take care of her?

She is a harmless poor old lady now. She’s staring at me all the time. What a beautiful fire. . . Howl?

Hey, everybody!

Welcome back.

Master howl, may I keep this dog?

"Witch in Waste Land" and Master Saliman’s dog…, I’m impressed you got all of them in the castle, Calucifer. How tolerant you are. I didn’t granted!

But Sophie forced me to let them in!

What a big hole you made! You are "Turnip head", right? You’ve also got a complicated curse on you, haven’t you? There are full of mysterious members who have sophisticated backgrounds in our family. How handsome you are, young boy. Well, it’s gonna be very busy today. Land" and moving to somewhere else.



We’re saying goodbye to "Waste

But to where. . . ? Great! Because we’re running out of food, we needed a house in a town so that we can go shopping. That’s right.

We have to move to a place where Master Saliman can’t find us

so easily. But I’m afraid you must stay here, because your magic power is too strong. This is lovely. OK, come on calucifer! Yes!

This is perfect!

Stay on the table until I finish the ritual

I’m fragile, you know. . . Let’s begin. Here’s our destination. You can move around in our new house. big house!


Super cool, Master Howl!

What a

What a beautiful fire. . . It’s. . .

Look at the toilet.

Sophie, come down here.

Lovely, isn’t it?


Now we got bigger family.


I added one more room you can look inside the room. I’m familiar with this room.

But why. . .

I made this room for you, Sophie. Let’s see. . .

I hope you like it.

This room is too nice for a cleaning lady, Howl.

I bought new cloths for you. Sophie!


Come on!

Hurry up!

Wow, we’ve got courtyard! Let’s go, Hean!

Come with me for the next surprise.

There are many shops in this town as well.


Since we changed the door color, This is the new entrance of the castle. This is a present for you, Sophie. This is my secret garden.

Here we go.


This is also what you created by the magic? No.

I used magic only for helping weak flowers.

Magnificent! Sophie.

It’s wonderful, Howl!

It’s like a dream. . .

It’s strange. . . before. . .

I feel familiar with this place as if I’ve been here

I don’t know why, but tears are coming out. . . Come with me. Look! What a cute house.

That’s my hiding place.

I used to stay there alone in summer when I was a kid. Stayed alone. . .


My uncle left that lodge stealthily for me.

He was also a wizard.

That’s also for you, Sophie. Is something wrong with you? leave me behind, won’t you? Howl, tell me the truth.

If go there, you’ll go somewhere far away and

I don’t care about your real identity.

Listen, I just want you to live in peace. How about opening a flower shop and sharing beautiful flowers in here with people in the town? I think you can handle it. Are you leaving after that? I want to help you. Obviously, I’m not a beautiful girl. though. Sophie, you are beautiful.

Only thing I can do is clean the house,

You really are.

Good thing about being old is to have fewer things to lose. How could anyone pass the beautiful place like this by a bloody battleship? To where’s it heading? Is that enemy or. . .

To towns to kill people. . . ?

Both do the same thing.

They are addicted to killing. Look at the amount of bombs they are carrying. It stopped. . .

Did you use magic?

A little bit.

It’s not going down, anyway.

Howl, you. . .

I wonder if they found us.

They kill each other.

They are Master Saliman’s lowest class monsters. Run!

Move your legs!

Sophie, what’s the matter? Ouch!

This is enough!

Sophie, good night.

I’m leaving this house!

Good night

Sophie, you don’t need to be worried about Master Howl. the house for a few days.

He sometimes leaves

Thanks, Marker. Do you want to go to the toilet before you go to bed?

I’m fine.

You are in love with Howl, aren’t you? And you can’t concentrate on what you do, can you? I got it Granny, have you ever been in love with someone? Even I do know. delicious!

Are you kidding !

Of course, I have.

I love young men’s heart.

They are

You haven’t given up, have you? And they are cute. What’s that sound?

That’s air-raid siren.

Air-raid? That’s not for this city though, you’d better not to go out tonight. Saliman’s monsters are looking for this house. You are such a clever fire. . .

Hiding this house from them very skillfully.

Sophie, that woman came into the house without permission. Mom.



Where were you?


I’ve been looking for you

You look like a granny. It’s all my fault. Sophie, I’m sorry. Oh, mom. . .

You rearranged inside completely. Who is that old lady over there? Sophie, listen. He is gentle.

Ah, she must be the landlord.

I married with someone else. He’s rich as well.


We can live together again.

You should quit being a clean lady. Thank you for caring about me, but I love my life here. Are you sure?

Oh, no!

I forgot my car’s waiting outside. Poisonous sneak created by a spell?

I have to go. Saliman, you use an old ploy, don’t you?

Calucifer, burn it. I’m always praying

for your happiness, mom.

Thank you.

I did what I was told. I want to go back to my husband. Saliman will be proud of you. So sorry. . .

You, too Sophie. Sure.

, Sophie.

So many people. . .

After everyone runs away, the town will be empty. . .

Do you want to evacuate with them, too? That lady said so.

You’re right.

We were reconciled to each other. I don’t want you to leave, Sophie! I like you very much, Sophie.

Please live with us.

I like you very much, too Marker. You and I are family?

I won’t go anywhere.


Of course, we are.

I was so worried about it. I won’t give you Howl, Saliman. The paper says the kingdom won. Strange. . .


Only the youth believe that.

, Calucifer doesn’t seem to be there.

Granny, I hate smoke.

The smell is everywhere in the house.

Are you going to take away my only enjoyment? Would you open the window, Marker?

I think you shouldn’t open the window. Calucifer’s weak now.

Monsters are coming in.

Marker? Close it quickly! Marker, you take care of granny. I’m going to watch the shop. I can’t believe it in such an emergency!

Why don’t you guys put out fire?

Howl! They have no mercy. Oh, Howl! Sorry, I’m late. Howl. . .

There were too many enemies tonight.


Calucifer, get up! Madam, is it a present from Saliman? That granny had me eating something bad. Well, there you are, Howl. I wish we could have a longer talk, Howl. My pleasure, Madam. However, we’ve got no time, I’m afraid. I’m impressed you don’t run away from me this time. I talk to you later, Madam. You must stay here, Sophie.

Calucifer will protect you.

I’ll protect you from outside. Wait howl!

You can’t go!

Next bomb attack is coming.

Stay with me, please.

We better flee from here. Flee?

Calucifer can’t defend from bomb. Don’t fight!

I don’t want to run away anymore.

I finally found someone to protect no matter what it costs. you.



That is

Howl! Our town’s burning! Howl is there. Howl! Sophie!



Turnip head!

Marker, come with me. Moving again?

That’s impossible!

It’s empty over there!

He has to fight because we are here.

I prefer him as a coward.

Granny, stand up. Are we gonna take a walk? But Saliman will find us immediately. She’s found us already. Sophie!

And I have to stop him before it becomes too late.

The castle looks horrible outside.

It always does.

Marker, you take care of granny.

You’re coming with us, too. No, I can’t. contract.

Ride on it.

I’m not allowed to move away from the fireplace due to the

If you can’t, I can do it for you. No!

I’m fragile!




Stop it!



You´ll kill me!

If I get out of the house, it’ll collapse completely. Let’s go!

Keep away from me.

I don’t care.

You should let me be the last.

Even I don’t know what will happen if I go out of the castle. That’s why I told you It would collapse. It started raining! Is he going to the town? Hey, turnip head.

Marker, you take care of granny.

Would you find somewhere

You’ll be OK, granny.

I’ll be with you.

Marker, we can get in from here. It’s leaking.

I’m dying. . .

we can enter?

I’ll be back soon. It’s wet here. It’s not dry! Marker, you bring granny over here. It’s empty inside the castle. Even if we didn’t move here, Howl and me could prevent the attack. Calucifer, please.

Only you can do it.

I want to go to where he is right now. I believe you can do it.

Would you please move the castle?

I know you have such a great power.

But there’s no chimney, and there are few dry woods either. . . Don’t you know the proverb saying that a real professional does his perfect work no matter where he is? I know what you mean.

But. . .

Do you think I am?

You are the most beautiful fire I’ve ever seen, Calucifer. sit here.

Granny, you can

Can you give me something that is part of you? A part of ME? I need someone’s contribution.

Your eyes will do.

How about my hair? You are wonderful, Calucifer!

You are the best spirit of fire in the world!

Give me your eyes or heart, so that I can be even more powerful. Give me your heart! Heart?

Give me your heart!

My goodness!



Howl is over there!

He is surrounded by monsters!

Calucifer, you’re the best spirit of fire, aren’t you? My goodness! Granny!


Give me your heart.



Granny! I’m burning!

I’m burning!

Let Calucifer go!

Let him go, or you are going to die!


It’s mine!

I’m burning!

Sophie! Sophieeeeeeeeee!



Hean, I did terrible thing.

I spread water over Calucifer!

What should I do if Howl dies because of me? The ring is shining.

Is he still alive?

Tell me where is Howl is right now! The door of the castle? Howl! I think I’m in his childhood right now. Howl!


My name is Sophie.

Don’t forget about me!

I’ll be catching up!

Wait for me in future! I walk, Hean.

I do.

Tears are coming down automatically. Howl. Sorry.

I had never been decisive.

Howl, you’d been waiting for me. . . Please take me to Calucifer. Is he dead? Granny?

He’ll be fine.

It’s not my business.

I don’t have anything.

Please, granny. Do you really want this? I lost.

You’ll keep it safe, OK?

Thank you very much, granny. Calucifer. . . Sophie. . .

I’m exhausted. . .

Here you are.

If he gets his heart back, are you going to disappear? I’ll be OK, Sophie.


You spread water over me, but Howl and me didn’t die after all. him back his heart into his body. Warm. . .

I’ll give

It’s like

I’m holding a small bird. I haven’t changed since childhood. I wish Calucifer will live another a thousand years.


and Howl will regain his heart and spirit. I’m still alive! He moved. . .

I’m free!

He’s alive!

Calucifer’s magic’s gone. Turnip head! Turnip head!

Are you all right?

I’ll find you a new stick.

Turnip head.

You saved our lives. . .

You saved me, Sophie. I’m a prince of your neighboring country. I had been turned into "Turnip head". Only way to dispel your curse was to be kissed by someone whom you love. That’s right.

I would have been dead, if Sophie hadn’t saved me.

What a handsome boy you are!



What’s going on here? My goodness! You got it!

My body’s really heavy. . . Yes, because your heart is heavy.

Your hair. . .

It’s like the color of stars. . .

you’re beautiful. . .

I love you, Howl!

You can see Sophie’s frame of mind? country and stop this stupid war. Yes, I will.


At first, you have to go back to your

After war is over, I’ll definitely visit her, again. It is said, "no one can ever decide which direction one’s love goes. . .


I think you are right. I’ll be waiting for you, then. I almost forgot about you.

What is your excuse?

What do you think you were doing? Happy ending? Cassanova.

Is it what you’re gonna say?

I didn’t know you are such a

Happy ending, huh? Arrange a meeting with prime minister and chief of staff. We have to work hard on finishing this pointless war. Calucifer!

Now you are free, Calucifer.

I want to be with you guys. with you. Welcome back, Calucifer.

I won’t need to be worried about rain if I stay

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