2015 North Dakota Pledge of Reform

May 17, 2018 | Author: Rob Port | Category:Documents
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2015 North Dakota Pledge of Reform Changing Our Taxing and Spending Habits to Create a Sustained Prosperity for All North Dakotans I. We Pledge to Reform Taxing A. We will work to provide true reform to property tax. Property taxes are a local issue, and are best addressed locally. However, the state may act to the distinct bene?t of all its citizens, to require local government entities to tax in a manner that is fully transparent and understandable. Furthermore, the local entities may be prohibited from instituting the hidden tax increases of tying taxes to increasing valuations. Property tax increases should not be stealthy. ?ey should not be instituted without full public awareness, input, and consent.

B. We will vote to dramatically reduce or eliminate the personal income tax. ?ere is no better way for the energy boom in our state to increase prosperity for all, than to provide a means by which the state will take less of people’s money. Permitting our citizens to spend and invest their own money as they see ?t unleashes the full bene?t of a thriving economy.

C. We will vote to dramatically reduce or eliminate the corporate income tax. Corporate income tax composes a very small portion of the state’s revenue. By decreasing or eliminating this tax, we will provide another strong incentive for business in North Dakota. ?e additional boon to the economy created by this reform will more than eclipse the small fractional loss of current state revenue.

II. We Pledge to Reform Spending A. We will scrutinize departmental budget increases that are not clearly demonstrated to be necessary, especially in light of previous biennial increases. Our energy-related revenues should be means of allowing people to keep more of their own money, rather than a state government free-for-all.

B. We will strive to achieve better, more complete, transparent reporting of federal receipts, and the regulatory and fiscal entanglements that accompany them. To intelligently manage its budget, North Dakota must know how much is coming from the federal government, as well as all of the regulations and costs that go hand in hand with “free” federal money. ?e federal government does not have its ?scal house in order, and we must plan for ever-decreasing federal funding.

C. We will work toward an end to corporate welfare, and vote to eliminate or severely curtail unnecessary government subsidies to private business.

Government should not be in the business of picking winners and losers. Taxpayers’ money should not be spent by the government to “?x” economic crises, real or imagined, that the free market will solve more e?ciently.

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